Construction Apps and Engineering Apps make you more productive in the field. You are busy winning and delivering projects. You are at the epicentre of a web of owners, architects, designers, engineers, sub-contractors and lawyers and you need to keep everyone informed, up-to-date and compliant.

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time and getting documents updated, signed and secured in the office or in the field is easy and convenient using our apps on your phone or laptop. Apps for construction simplify hard to coordinate processes such as Subcontractor Administration & Management, Change Order Management and Release of Liens by bringing all aspects of the process into an experience all parties can participate in — wherever they are and on any device. In the car, in the field, in the trenches …. the place where work takes place is no longer a barrier to accomplishing the job.

All our construction Apps are natively integrated with your systems to avoid duplication of work and DocuSign, the global leader in digital signatures to allow you to eliminate paper and the delays it creates.

Subcontractor Administration Management

  • Streamline and expedite the post-bid Subcontractor “contracting” process
  • Leverage your existing contracts and complete contracts and exhibits with “single-entry” auto-complete speed and accuracy
  • Customize contracting process flows to your process, not some pre-configured standard flow designed for someone else
Construction Apps
Construction change order Apps

Change Order Management

  • Expedite bid collection and processing
  • Accelerate change order approvals with pre-configured workflows and escalation procedures
  • Update all parties of their need for action
  • Clarify bottlenecks and eliminate them
  • Monitor post change order activities to assure compliance for both cost and schedule

Release of Liens

  • Minimize subcontractor invoicing fire drills associated with non-conforming invoices
  • Assure timely subcontractor payments
  • Eliminate owner concerns at each step in the payment process
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