Universities and schools bring together hundreds or thousands of students, parents, educators and personnel. Keeping track of who is supposed to be where, what’s happening and what to do next are integral part of running an efficient education establishment.

Email communication which has been frequently adopted as the standard is not performing. Email is one-directional, does not offer any form of structured response such as Yes/No, has no way to remind people who have not responded and is insecure. has developed a set of apps for education to improve communication, for instance our Actionable Messaging Apps allow multiple levels of information to be sent by one party to multiple recipients for real responses — whether a signature, an answer or an approval. Campuses and Schools also benefit from our On-boarding Apps to make the process of bringing on a new student or staff so much more efficient. Our Board Meetings Apps are another area where many organizations can harness the power of digital to improve their operations. lives and breathes “university” through our home on Drexel campus and our co-ops and interns who form an integral part of our company culture.

Find these and other customized apps at or contact us to download a sample of these app modules to share with your professors, colleagues and associates.