Large Financial Services firms are finding themselves with a huge challenge as their IT budget is consumed by maintaining the legacy of fragile systems built over decades and leaves little room for innovation. Smaller firms have more flexibility but have traditionally shied away from innovating too early as the cost of technology could prove too much for their budget. brings decades of experience in automating financial transactions in the largest institutions and offers a solution to automate work and create new apps at a fraction of the cost and at disruptive speed. We have worked with banks and Insurance companies and defined a number of ready-to-use customizable apps you can tweak to fit your own needs in a few days or weeks. All these apps can run in the cloud for faster deployment and can be securely integrated to your in-house on-premise information systems using our suite of connectors.

Direct Documentation App – Customers, partners or staff can access all their documents, statements, certificates securely with their own devices in your app.

Conditional Signatures – Use the combined power of workflow and DocuSign digital signatures to eliminate paper and accelerate your transactions.

Staff On-boarding – Why not use an app to coordinate your process from recruitment to on-boarding and give your new employees the best experience from the  beginning?

Events & Meetings – Publish a professional-looking app for a day or a week event as easily as putting together a PowerPoint presentation


Find these and other customized apps at or contact us to download a sample of these app modules to share with your boss, co-workers and associates.