Growing and Changing 2017-06-07T20:05:41+00:00 delivers digital transformation and Microsharing to enterprise and SMB clients around the world

Since 2014, we have delivered transformational solutions that leverage our expertise in mobile, workflow and process automation, back-end systems integration, and enterprise systems architecture with focus on digital experiences, Internet of Things and data sharing.

Use cases for our technology platform are currently found in: Property Management, Facilities Management, Internet of Things, Media, Communications and Engineering. In 2017, we leveraged the success of our flagship product, Microshare™, and began the process to change the name of our company to

Microshare is a Data Governance and Data Sharing Platform for the Internet of Every Thing, providing a solution to data privacy, security, audit, confidentiality and micro-sharing.

Come see our latest developments at Microshare.

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