So people have asked me “Why”

As I looked around the business landscape it became clear that the combination of Cloud and Mobile have created the Perfect Storm for the Enterprise.  Cloud is fundamentally changing the trajectory of every IT department that has been growing over the past three decades.  Increasingly, applications and data are moving between legacy enterprise systems behind the firewall and out in the Cloud.  At the same time, the mobile explosion has resulted in a tsunami of demand for consuming proprietary company content behind the firewall on countless devices.  The problem is compounded for IT since they don’t control, or even own those devices (BYOD).

Enter  Our unique approach to solving this problem allows the enterprise to take a proactive approach to embracing BYOD, and gets them out of the unsustainable and unwinnable approach of trying to control the access.  It is still early in this game, and the CEO’s and CIO’s that get in front of this sea change will be the wining organizations of tomorrow.  Stay tuned…. There is a lot more to come..

Mobile is Unstoppable.

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We are excited to announce

There is the team.  That comes first.  A GREAT idea helps.  Then there is money, legal, space, computers, business cards, and mindless other minutia.  You try to tell mom and your friends what you are up to, but then just give up and get back to work.  Then finally you are ready. Launching a company is exciting, and terrifying, all along know it’s going to go GREAT…you hope.  For, our launch day has come.

We are excited to announce, a BaaS company on a mission to securely mobile-enable enterprise documents and data on any device (BYOD), from any location, regardless of where the documents are stored.  We value people’s time, and we empower them to get their jobs done without breaking the IT rules.

The genesis of our name is to “Point, don’t put” your documents in other peoples’ hands. Stop uploading your documents to the cloud in order to share them. Stop attaching all of your hard work to emails, where anyone can download, print, edit, and make your stuff their own!  We uncouple the way people want to use their documents from the way people store their documents, something that has never been done before.

For the developers who are going to be using out platform, we are a RESTful API with a platform in the cloud and an optional Gateway to install at the enterprise.  Our single API gives you access to all of the cloud storage providers as well as the most common content management systems behind the firewall.  This saves you time to spend on doing what you do best – building awesome mobile solutions, mixing public content and secure documents in one application, and not wasting time on back-end plumbing.

At the end of the day, is about empowering users, both users of documents and users of our Platform, to do more with less.  Users will consume documents with less hassle and more flexibility and power, and developers will develop applications with less time and create more functionality.  We have worked hard to make this impactful solution simple to consume and use.  So as I sit here today introducing you to the first and only document-centric BaaS mobile platform, I’d love to know what you think, and I look forward to sharing more with you as we go.

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