New Look, Same Spirit


A logo should exemplify the spirit, intent and culture of a company.’s current logo is a match to the place from where we came. But we are evolving and forever growing, and like any evolving being, there comes a time to shed the old and welcome the new. We are excited to introduce a new company logo that captures who we are and where we are headed now.


Firstly, in spirit, continues to grow and thrive as we bring in talent whose youth and energy represents the future of technology and enterprise. Our new logo brings the color and energy of that promising future seasoned with perspective derived from deep experience. Like the state-of-the-art in web design have changed, the colors that reflect the values of tomorrow versus the values of yesterday have changed. Our current logo, colored for when Cloud was new, was designed to promote confidence with solid and traditional deep blues against white. Our new logo is composed of modern hues of blue and green whose blending represents the fluidity of the new with the dependability of the old. In spirit, we are ready and able to leverage the both vibrant change and thoughtful experience as we face morphing industries and the evolving needs of those we serve.

Secondly, our company’s intent is to lead our clients through a motion-filled journey. Today, our clients are embracing mobile and cloud like never before, but the journey is long and rocky. “Getting there from here” as securely and confidently is their challenge. Our new logo portrays that journey as a transition of colors, from the traditional blue of today, to the more vibrant green of tomorrow.

Finally,’s culture is one where any notion may be challenged and every practice improved. We live in a fast growing and increasingly complex segment of the high tech world. As we advise our customers to “embrace change” and leverage the remarkable tools at their disposal, we must challenge ourselves to do the same. We want our culture to embrace the possibilities of constant motion and to fearlessly ask why so that we can always be ready to find tomorrow’s opportunities. Our new logo conveys this culture of positive motion. And while all of that is true, our new logo is just plain cool. We are proud to continue delivering for our clients under such a great new vibe. We hope you enjoy it as well.