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Put Your Brand in the Pockets of Your Tenants


As a Property Manager, your job is not easy. Tenants require more from you, while you have less time to give.

What if you could be provide faster service to tenants, and, at the same time, provide more services?

Now you can! gives you the opportunity to provide a branded mobile experience to your tenants. Your own branded Apps becomes one place they go for everything.

With this amenity in their pockets, and in yours, you can:

  1. Connect with prospective tenants and then facilitate move-in,
  2. schedule amenities and initiate service delivery for existing tenants, and,
  3. route service requests to employees and subcontractors.
Do all of this from your mobile device or laptop, from the office or anywhere.

Create a Community Experience Around Your Brand

Fulfill the promise of creating an urban or suburban experience that draws tenants closer to your brand. Furthermore, Apps branded with your company’s name, or your property’s name, become the medium that brings community together. Tenants, your employees, service providers, and local merchants all use the App. You drive more and more service through the App, which deepens engagement with your tenants and adds another reason for them to renew with you.

Touch Tenants In Every Moment of Need

In your tenant’s journey, provide an experience that lasts all day, every day from first visit through move out. For example, here’s what the experience looks like from the perspective of the Virtual Corporate Neighborhood.

For the duration of the lease
For the duration of the lease Makes It Come Alive for You

Using an innovative delivery methodology, and using its background serving the largest companies, gives you everything you need to bring it all together and connect tenants, employees and service providers. works your existing applications and digital service providers. But, we make sure that your brand does not come second.

Get started with one building and, when you are ready, take advantage of our cost-effective modularization to scale across your portfolio.

Whether you seek to increase service, elevate brand awareness, or simply innovate to find new ways to delight, delivers.