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Unleash the power of data in your business with Apps by’s software helps businesses make the most of data, blending information they already have in existing systems with new data collected via IoT and digital channels. By bringing together advanced integration techniques, deep knowledge of business process automation and cutting-edge AI in a single platform, we dramatically cut the time and cost to market for data-driven business innovation. was started with the notion that data volumes were increasing but that business value was not. We collectively recognized the challenges presented by the flood of data that would only grow worse for Fortune 1000 companies and individual consumers alike. As we predicted, mobile, cloud, and IoT have turned the data into a tidal wave. Inside the deluge lies real business value for those that can harness the chaos.

The platform can take massive amounts of data, stored in 100’s of locations, generated from 1000’s of sources and put it into the hands of a single, empowered individual. By bringing together advanced integration techniques, deep knowledge of business process automation, and cutting-edge AI into a single platform, we can tame the data monster. We turn insights into action and actions into opportunity.

To unlock the value of data, our Software-driven Data Store solution delivers all required pieces in a coherent platform including modern standards for:

  • APIs: Easy system interoperation
  • Apps – Friendly, fast mash-ups that live with the data
  • IoT – Easy connect, categorize, and share sensor data
  • Process – Drive through defined business interactions
  • Security – Preserving value by enforcing ownership

The key elements of the platform are:

Leverage IoT Sensor Data with our Big Data Cloud and Microshares™
Connect to any document, data or services in the Cloud or on-Premise with ApiDATA™
Customize and Maintain Apps visually with App composer™
Our App factory™ delivers your projects using Mass customization
We offer Hosting options to suit every customer
Your apps are available immediately and run anywhere