Buildings made smart by data provided by IoT sensors

Building and Property Management for the most part have not yet seen the productivity improvements, energy savings and product innovation seen in other industries. This is because it was up to now difficult to measure accurately and consistently everything going on in buildings and act upon the information in a timely fashion.

Just as we’ve adopted the Internet and Apps in all parts of our lives to get better faster information at our fingertips, the Internet of Things (IoT) is now a reality which can connect “things” such as buildings with systems and provide consistent measurement of all aspects of the property to systems and people at an affordable cost.

Imagine being able to know at any time what is happening in your building:

  • how many people are at their desks or in their apartment?
  • what the temperature is in every single room?
  • what the water pressure on each level or each bathroom?
  • which doors are open and which ones are closed?
  • what is the quality of the air in the shopping area?

and use the insight from that data to drive the behaviours or processes you’ve defined:

  • reduce lighting in meeting rooms or public spaces when no one is around
  • save energy by adjusting the temperature to fit real usage patterns
  • avoid costly repairs and tenant frustration by fixing leaks before they cause flooding
  • improve security and circulation by stopping unauthorised access
  • generate more sales by venting areas to provide the best air conditions

We have worked with many leading Property Management & Facilities Management to create Smart Buildings which achieve these goals. We can help you transform your Property too. For a no engagement discussion and demonstration, please contact us.


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