Manufacturing organizations are always striving to find ways to operate more efficiently. It is no surprise that this is where most of the business improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and many others were born.

Digital Apps are a great way to improve operational efficiency by shining a light on processes, automating messaging, to-do’s, reminders, etc. Here are a few of the ready-made customizable apps used by our customers in the Manufacturing sector:

8D Case Management app: Allow your colleagues and business partners to efficiently collaborate on problem resolution following the 8D Methodology from any device and fully integrated with your own systems.

Staff On-boarding – Why not use an app to coordinate your process from recruitment to on-boarding and give your new employees the best experience from the  beginning?

Events & Meetings – Publish a professional-looking app for a day or a week event as easily as putting together a PowerPoint presentation.

Find these and other customized apps at or contact us to download a sample of these app modules to share with your boss, co-workers and associates.